Thursday, March 4, 2010

oh the sunstroke :(

hi all.  i have had three blog posts in the works for some time now, about my two adventures with refugee pick ups and one that i was the most excited about, proclaiming my love for all the wonderful people in my life (should have coincided with valetines day).  but because of situations beyond my control, i have been constantly kept away from the computer.  i have tried to take notes (a rarity for me), so i hope i can remember enough to recreate some of the incredible experiences i have had over the past month.  but it turns out the amazingly inefficient local bureaucracy has not only caused immense frustration, but is quite literally bad for my heath.  i recently returned from a visa run, and because of the overwhelming inefficiency and stifling heat, people were passing out left and right.  i thought i must be doing really well, because the first day was almost intolerable, but i felt perfectly fine the second day, even while others were miserable,  but as time went on i realized i was sweating profusely, and didnt even feel hot.  this was the first red flag, and pretty soon i became aware that something was seriously wrong.  i puked up the fruit that i had eaten for breakfast, and from that point on i spit up even the water i was trying to keep hydrated with.  i would have to run out of the immigration line to upchuck in the bushes.  i was dry-heaving the whole way back on the train.  so im pretty sure i've got a pretty serious case of sun poisoning.  ive had heat stroke before when i was pretty young and my dad thought a bike ride in 112 degree weather sounded like a goof (ha, typo and it stays) idea.  all i remember is someone dragging me under a tree and seeing red sparkles everywhere in the sky.  this was even less pleasant, as i was traveling alone and didnt have anyone to rub my back as i heaved into the bushes.  there was a very kind (and quite handsome) german guy pretty worried about me, but i'd rather not ask him to hold my hair as i barf.  another bonus of short hair.  :)  so i havent been able to update as i wanted to, but i promise updates on the missions as well as some upcoming book reviews.  i have become reacquainted with akutagawa, so i'd love to share some of the beautiful flowing language that he has to offer, at least what can be preserved in the japanese to english translation.  so anyway, i promise full updates as soon as i can keep something more than vegetable juice down.  i have missed you all so much, and have been neglecting to tell you all how important and inspiring you all are to me, in so many distinct yet unified ways.  i love you all, and promise not to be so neglectful in the future.  oh, and picture is unrelated but it made me laugh.  over and out.

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  1. that is truly inspiring. how can i start up a similar movement in the country i am in now?