Sunday, January 17, 2010

oh my traveling heart

my favorite miyazaki anime is mimi wo sumaseba (us title: whispers of the heart).  it is so simple and sweet and lovely.  a young girl who finally challenges herself when a young boy who wants to become a master violin maker falls for her.  the animation and story are both much more simple than the fantasy-type anime, but it is perfect and moving and just plain heartwarming.  in it, the girl translates the john denver song country roads.  but her translation is sooo much better than the original song.  and i feel the emotion of it in my on heart every time i hear it.  so i wrote it out, and even though the given translation is not spot on, and the japanese lyrics are a bit off at the end (i just couldnt make them out), little is lost of the loveliness.  so here it is.

Country Road

Hitoribochi, hosore tu ni             No one is with me, going fearlessly
Hiki yo to yume miteta                 That’s the way I live in the dream I see
Samishi sa hoshi kometa              I must put my loneliness away
Tsuyoi jibum mo ma mo ikeko     Protect myself and learn to be strong

Country road, komo machi          Country road
Tsuyuta tsukeba                           It will take me back to my home
Ano machi ni tsizu iteru                I can feel it now, if I just keep
Kinasuru, Country road               to this far off way, Country road 

Donna samishii bokidatte            It wont matter how lonely the times get          
Keshite namina wa misenaide       You’ll never see me cry
Kokoro nashi kahojo ya hayaku  I know I must take heart, andthat hurrying
Natteiku omoide kesutane           Is all I can do to forget

Country road, komo michi           Country road, it may take me
Furusatoei buiteba                       back to my hometown, but even so
Boku wa ikanai sa                         I cant go, I wont go
Ikanai, Country road                    Country Road

Country road, hoshitaba             Country road, Steeling my heart
Hitsumono boku sa                      I will not go now,
Bayunetai Nayarenai                   Not while I’m free
Sayonara, Country Road          So its farewell, Country road

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